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How to Match a Pinstripe Suit with other Pinstriped Clothing

At some point in time, all of us have wondered about pinstripes. When do you wear pinstripes and how do you match them with other clothing? Thanks to Rudy Albetti from Toronto, Canada for bringing up this great question…

First and foremost, this is a great question since we are actually selling a very nice Sean John Pinstripe suit this week

Pinstripes can do two things for you: a) make you look taller b) make you look thinner.

In terms of wearing pinstripes, you generally want to follow the 2 out of 3 rule. This basically means that from your suit, tie, and shirt, at least one should be a solid color (i.e. without stripes).

With respect to matching items of clothing with each other, make sure that the stripes for two items of clothing are not exactly the same width or the exact same shade in coloring. You generally don’t want your stripes clashing with each other. In order to prevent this, your suit could have stripes that are wider or narrower than those on your shirt. Alternatively, you could make sure that the stripes on your suit are either more or less visible than the stripes on your shirt (i.e. they shouldn’t be the same).

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How do I know my Suit Size?

how to find out your suit size

how to find out your suit size

Our good friend Sam Ikiima from Chicago, Illinois told us that he loves the suits that we sell on SuitUpp but didn’t know what suit size to buy: “Guys, How do I know what suit size will be right for me since a suit size might be a bit different from vendor to vendor?”

Great question Sam! Well, first and foremost, the easiest way to find out your suit size is to go to a big department store and see which size fits you best in general. Let’s say that your suit size, based on your findings, is a 40 Regular. Once you know this, you can buy a 40 Regular from SuitUpp. Afterwards, you can take the suit to a tailor and generally have it custom fit for you… here are some general notes:

  • A jacket that is too big at the waist can be easily taken in by a tailor
  • If your slacks are 1-2″ too big or small a tailor can easily taken them in or out. If the slacks are over 2″ too big, a tailor can re-cut them to fit (typically more expensive).
  • Typically and unless otherwise noted our pant bottoms come unfinished and unhemmed. It is best to let a professional tailor alter the length for you.

Do this and you can buy the right suit from SuitUpp. In the event that for some reason your tailor says that the suit can’t be custom made to your fit, we have a great return policy.

Now, if you don’t want to take a trip to your local department store, what you can do is just read our article on how to find out your suit size.

Hope this helps!
SuitUpp Team.

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