How to Tuck your Shirt in Properly and Avoid Billowing

The latest question asked was from Brad in Ottawa, Canada: How would you recommend avoiding the “billowing” that occurs when a thin guy tucks in his dress shirt, on the sides and back…. without covering it up with a blazer?

This question is very appropriate since just posted a Sean John Black Pin Stripe Suit that comes with nice pants that you could wear on a standalone basis. Tucking in your shirt is very important. You’ll see every now and then the odd person that doesn’t tuck in pretending to act stylish. All this does is portray a “I’m dressed up but don’t want to be”  look. Its not professional and we don’t recommend it.

The trouble is, how do you prevent the billowing effect where parts of your shirt (usually on the sides and back) don’t get tucked in properly? If you can, always get fitted shirts as this helps out a lot. If your shirt isn’t fitted, you can make it pseudo-fitted by grabbing all the slack from around your shirt (usually about an inch or so) and folding it on the back of your shirt (i.e. one big flap/fold). Make sure that this fold is held together tightly by your belt. You may still have to adjust it every once in a while, but it does help keep a nicely refined look.

Finally, make sure to align the buttons on your shirt with the center of your belt and zipper. This adds a nice touch of neatness.


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2 responses to “How to Tuck your Shirt in Properly and Avoid Billowing

  1. David Oyen

    Or, shop for shirts in Europe, where dress shirts come in a selection of neck size, sleeve length and body style marked A-F, from extreme taper (think Swimmer’s build) to extreme piriform (think tent-like). Why can’t NA manufacturers give us this choice? Or is it the purchasers who don’t give us a selection?

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