How to Dress up for an Interview

First of all, we don’t want to make this an extremely long posting, so we’ll start out by saying that depending on where you want to get a job, you should dress differently. If you wear a suit to an interview at a McDonald’s restaurant, you won’t get the job. In general, you don’t want to be more overdressed than the person who is interviewing you. For example, if you are going for a job interview at a major tech company (as a software developer), then a tie might suffice depending on the specific company. You may want to drop by the company to see what the general attire is to get insider information on how to dress.

As long as you stick to the general rule that you don’t want to be much better dressed than the person who is interviewing you, you should be fine. Let’s now assume that the person who is interviewing you will be wearing a suit. In general, you want to wear a more subtle suit to a job interview. A charcoal or black suit is the best (like this: Sean John Brown on Brown suit). Try and skip on pinstripes. If you absolutely must wear pinstripes, you can choose “very” light/subtle stripes.

While dressing for your interview, please remember, the point of the interview is for “you” to be noticed and not your clothing. Therefore, you want to be professionally dressed but you don’t want to draw extra attention to your clothing. More and more people are wearing cufflinks on a daily basis and they do add a touch of professionalism so don’t be afraid of them. Just make sure to avoid anything too flashy.

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