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Calvin Klein – Grey Pinstripe Suit

click here to see the Calvin Klein – Grey Pinstripe Suit
Fashion Season
Fall/Winter 2008 | Limited Availability
100% Superfine Wool
Grey Pinstripe | Lining
Grey Pinstripe | 2-Button | Side Vents | Flat Front Pants
Regular Fit
100% Superfine Wool | Grey Pinstripe | 2-Button Notch Lapel | Side Vents | Flat Pocket | Inside Pocket Button Loop | 4 Button Cuff
100% Superfine Wool | Grey Pinstripe | Flat Front Pants | Side Seam Pockets | 2 Back Button Pockets | Unfinished



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Should I Wear my Shirt Collar Over My Suit Lapel?

This is a question asked by Mark over on our “submit your question” page.

Truth be told, most of the time, you will want to wear your collars such that they are not placed over your jacket’s lapel. If you are wearing a tie, then this is an absolute must. The only time that you might even think about it is when you are not wearing a tie.

There is another factor here that most people don’t consider. How big is the collar of your shirt to begin with? If you have an overly huge collar then it is obvious that the collar is not meant to be worn inside your jacket’s lapel. If your collar is smaller or medium sized, then you have the choice.

Its hard to generalize, but if we had to, in a formal event, the collars go inside. If you are going to a club, the collars can go outside. Remember, that fashion is all about what defines you and how you feel on that day. If you feel confident enough wearing your collar outside, then it will get you that little bit of extra attention 🙂

Marco Raynault
Customer Evangelist –

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Looking Back on 2008

Fellow Readers,

As we end the year 2008 and begin the year 2009, it is interesting to look back on the year to see which blog posts you liked the most. Here is a list of our top 10 blog posts of the year (most number of views):

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2 ) How do I know my Suit Size?
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4 ) How to Match a Pinstripe Suit with…
5 ) Can I cuff my Jeans?
6 ) Ralph Lauren Navy Blue Pinstripe 2-Piece
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Also, to get an idea of the suits that we offered for sale this year, check out our men’s suits products page.

With that said, feel free to let us know in the comments on this post what you’d like to see more of in 2009.

SuitUpp Team.

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Hugo Boss Black Label Men’s Suit (Scorsese)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have an exclusive deal to offer you Hugo Boss Black Label Suits at a significant discount. This is a very limited offer and we have few of these suits to give out. If you are interested, we strongly suggest that you log your purchase as quickly as possible (especially if you want to receive it by Christmas time). The suit is offered at an amazingly low price of $549 USD whereas it can cost a lot more at other stores.

Hugo Boss Black Label Suit Hugo Boss Black Label – Scorsese

96% Shurwholle Virgin Wool
4% Elasthan Spandex

Black | 100% Cupro Rayon Lining

Scorsese | 3-Button | Front flap and chest pockets

European Fit

BOSS Black “Scorsese” Movie Suit. Three-button, side vents, 4 interior welt pockets, Inside Boss label, Front flap, chest pockets.

Flat front trousers, viscose-lined to knee. Sleeves rayon-lined. Wool with stretch comfort.

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