All about Suit Jacket Vents

Fashion is an international phenomenon and one of the aspects of men’s fashion, in particular, that reminds us of this known fact is the suit-jacket vent. We’ve all seen them and know what they are…. In case you need a refresher, the vents are the openings at the bottom of your jacket that allow for flexibility and as the name suggests, venting. 🙂

Traditionally, there are three different vent formats that your suit jacket can have: center vent, side vents, and no vents (closed back). For a more visual understanding of jacket vents, check out the pictures below…

The left most picture is the center vent. The center vent is an American phenomenon. It is reminiscent of the way a casual sport jacket is designed. The average sport jacket does not have much shoulder padding and has a looser fit. The interesting point here is that this type of jacket has recently become more widespread in Europe! 🙂

The center picture is of a jacket with side vents. Side vents are a European concept. Padded shoulders, a fitted design, and side vents usually go together well. Interestingly enough, just as the center vent has become popular in Europe, side vents are now becoming popular in America! A good example is the Hugo Boss Scorsese Suit (which is of course of European Fit).

We’re sure that you’ve also seen jackets with no vents. This is an Italian sensation. While this type of jacket may make it a bit difficult to sit down, it does have a good form.

Most of your friends will not know about the history of these vents, so, the next time you’re at a networking event, go ahead and educate them. Vents are cultural themes that have moved from continent to continent!


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