What type of shirt collar should I wear?

Recently Jake Bradshaw from Wisconsin asked us to talk about the different types of shirt collars there are out there and how he should make his choice of a collar.The basic answer to this is that your choice of collar will depend on the type of tie you are wearing (the width) and also how dressy you want to look. Let’s start out by showing you the three most common collar types that are out there (pictures courtesy of GQ Magazine):

The Button-Down Collar

This type of a collar works best with medium width ties and shirts that are cut from broadcloth (dense woolen cloth) rather than oxford cloth. Very American. This is generally not a very dressy collar and is not the best choice for a business suit. This type of collar is more American in style than anything else. It is a good choice if you are walking around in the office without a jacket on or if you are going for a more casual look.

The Straight-Point Collar

This type of a collar is great for more skinny looking ties. The collar’s narrow positioning makes it a good fit for very high cut 3+ button suit jackets but also looks good with 2 or 1 button ones . Always a safe choice.

The Spread Collar

Our personal favorite, the spread collar. A very European look. The collar exudes confidence. It’s a great fit for medium-to-wide ties and begs for a four-in-hand knot. Despite what some may say, its fine for a bit of the tie to show around the collar. In general, it is best to keep a tighter tie knot with this type of collar 🙂


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