What can a tailor really do?

Many people ask us about tailors after they buy a suit from SuitUpp. We figured it would be a good idea to talk more about tailors since they seem to be such a hot topic. Tailors are great. Whenever you’re buying a suit, depending on who the suit salesperson is, they’ll tell you that tailors are these magical creatures that can take almost any suit and make it work for you. The reality is that, the story doesn’t involve as much fairy dust as you would think.

The fit of the shoulders is probably the most important part of the suit. If the shoulders don’t fit properly, chances are that the tailor will not be able to do much for you. If the salesperson tells you that they can reduce or reshape the shoulder pad size, ignore what they say 🙂

As for the pants, if they are an inch or two inches too tight or too big, don’t worry about it. This easily falls into the realm of possibility for the tailor to handle. Anything beyond that, though, could be difficult.

When it comes to your jacket, you can ask your tailor to make sure that about 1/4 inch of your cuffs show. Some people like to show more cuff, more then 1/4 inch, so that the cuff links or watch becomes visible and adds to the style. As long as your sleeves do not look like they are short and you incorporate the above it can look pretty sharp. You’ll likely need the tailor to taper the sides of your jacket so that it fits your torso well. If you pay attention to your collar, you’ll also notice that there is usually a roll in the back of the suit jacket. This can also be fixed when you have your suit fitted.

If you’re looking for a recommendation on who would be a good tailor in your neighborhood, please feel free to send Marco a message: marco@suitupp.com.


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