What to wear with a white shirt? Some Ideas to go.

Most people will have a white shirt in their closets. If you don’t have one, you should get at least one. White shirts are what some people call recession busting shirts as they always come in handy. With such a shirt, there are limitless stylish combinations that can be produced. In this post, our goal is to talk about a few cool new combinations that you could wear with this type of a shirt.


Cardigans are definitely coming back into style. You can choose from a variety of colors to wear. Grey and black are some of the more typical colors but feel free to experiment with others as well. The darker your skin tone, the easier it is for you to experiment with lighter colors.

Striped Blazers:

Sometime wearing a striped blazer will make a great combination. With a white shirt, almost any color blazer will go. Try some lighter colors such as beige to go for a more stylish look. If you don’t have a blazer, you could also try wearing a hoodie instead.


Sometimes wearing shorts with your white shirt (if the occasion is appropriate) will give you a more relaxed, but yet still serious look.

White Pants:

While darker pants are more common, white pants definitely do show a more refined look. What you have to be careful of is the fabric that the pants are made of. Make sure that they are not too thin otherwise they will expose more skin than you may want.

Track Jacket:

If you are going for the more sporty look, definitely pick up a track jacket to show off a professional yet young and athletic style. Track jackets are multi-purpose and keeping one around does nothing but help.


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