What should I wear to a wedding? Men’s Guide

The weather is definitely getting warmer and that usually means that many more people will be attending weddings! Great news, yes. What to wear is the question. In this post, we will give you a couple of tips on what men should consider when heading out to such an occasion.

The first thing to pay attention to is the wedding invite. The invite will usually say things such as: “Black Tie Only” or “Black Tie Optional”. If this is a Black Tie Only wedding, then make sure to wear a tuxedo. If the event is “Black Tie Optional”, then you can put on a tux if you have one or if you like wearing one in general. If you don’t want to take the tux route, then what you can always do is go for a darker suit.

Another thing that is important in a wedding invitation is the language that is used. If the wedding invite is very informal (i.e. come see us get hitched), then chances are that a sports jacket is about as dressy as you’d want to get, otherwise, a full suit is the way to go.

The time of the day of the wedding is also very important. If this is a morning/noon event, then a lighter color suit is most appropriate. You can check out the following Sean John Suit from SuitUpp.com to get an idea of what you could wear.

If this is an evening event then you should go for a darker suit. Try not to wear a tux if the event takes place before 6pm. Finally, white is a color that you generally want to avoid (although, this is changing recently).


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