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Hugo Boss Black Label – Charcoal Jam Sharp Suit

Hugo Boss Black Label – Charcoal Jam Sharp Suit

Super 100 – 100% Virgin Wool
Charcoal | 100% Grey Rayon Lining
Jam Sharp | 2-Button Notch Lapel | Center Vent | Flat Front Pants
BOSS Charcoal “Jam Sharp” Suit. Two-button notch lapel, center vent, 2 interior welt pockets, Inside Boss label, Front flap, chest pocket, 4 button cuff.
Flat front trousers, zip fly, extended tab closure, side seam pockets, slimmer, more modern cut with slightly tapered leg, unfinished hem, virgin wool. Trousers with 6 ” size difference

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Can I Wear a Suit to a Club?

If you are heading out to a club, you want to look sharp and stylish. More and more, you see men wearing suits to night clubs and pubs. What is appropriate attire for a night out and what should be avoided? In this post, we’ll make some recommendations on what you should wear.

When you are heading out to go clubbing with the guys or are taking your mate somewhere special, keep in mind that you want to look sharp but you don’t want to look like you just left the office either. If you are heading out to a bar with the guys after work, it is perfectly legitimate to leave the suit on and maybe loosen up that tie while you have a drink or two. When you are heading out pub hopping, you generally want to leave the tie back at home. A tie will make you look stiff and you want to appear calm, cool, and relaxed. Since the tie doesn’t help, leave it out.

Let’s start with your pants. You generally want to wear a pair of jeans when going clubbing. Now, there will be some more formal locations where suit pants will be the only appropriate thing to wear; but, to make a generalization, choose a really nice pair of jeans. If you want a recommendation, check out the following Taverniti Jeans:

Taverniti Men’s Meg 19 Premium Denim Jeans – Antique Blue

Taverniti Men's Meg 19 Premium Denim Jeans - Antique Blue
What you can wear for a shirt is more flexible. A personal favorite for us at, is a collared white shirt. It looks very sharp and if you leave the top first 2 buttons open, it’ll give you a nice relaxed look. You want to look relaxed, because looking relaxed will, believe it or not, make you feel more relaxed throughout the night. You want to be approachable and so your attire will be very important for this. Here is an example of a Hugo Boss Gilbert/Tower Suit worn with such a shirt:

You can also experiment with a number of other types of shirts. You can wear a V-Collar shirt or a simple solid colored tshirt. Wearing layers will be very important to you throughout your clubbing adventure. If you get too hot, you can always leave the extra layers at the coat check. Wearing a suit jacket or perhaps a blazer that goes really well with your Jeans is the best way to go if you are looking for layers to add on. It should be stressed that if you are not wearing a jacket over your shirt, a collared shirt is preferable over a v-collar or other collarless shirts.

For more ideas one what type of clothing is appropriate for your night out, check out the following video from

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Should I wear a Suit or Tux to my Wedding?

Your wedding is coming up. Should you wear your Hugo Boss Jam Sharp Black Label Suit or should you go for the tuxedo? As you know, the world of fashion changes quite quickly. A decade or so ago, this conversation would have definitely taken a different light; but, here and now, this is a very valid – intensely debated – question. Before we go on to discuss this further, please do take our poll below to let us know what you think:

The reality is that opinions are truly divided on the blogosphere when it comes to the suit/tuxedo debate., in response to a question about wearing a suit to a wedding says:

“It’s so not cool. A formal affair calls for formal attire—and that means a tuxedo. In fact, if your fiancé looked a little more closely, he’d realize that the sharply dressed men strolling the red carpet are actually wearing tuxedos with business ties instead of traditional bow ties. If he’s still not convinced, though, steer him toward a trendy one-button tuxedo jacket with peaked lapels—a favorite look of A-listers like Leo and Jamie—which he can pair with a simple white piqué shirt.”

Whereas fashion forums such as men’s style says in response to a guy who is looking to figure out what to wear for his late-afternoon/early-evening wedding:

“If your bride is planning to wear a gown with a veil, these are your choices: When a formal wedding takes place before 7 P.M., the groom customarily wears gray striped trousers, a gray vest, a wing collar and an ascot or cravat in white or black. After 7 P.M., a formal wedding calls for white tie and tails.”

Nowadays, the suit option is definitely popping up in men’s minds all across when it comes time to tie the knot. The general opinion nowadays seems to go with a Tux after 7pm and a suit before 7pm (but again, this isn’t written in stone).

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Sean John Black Plaid – 2 Piece Suit

Sean John Black Plaid – 2 Piece Suit

Fashion Season
Spring 2009 | Limited Availability
100% Superfine Wool
Black | Purple Lining
Regular Fit
Black Plaid Pattern | 2-Button Notch Lapel | Side Vents | Pick Stitching Lapel | Flat Pocket | Inside Pocket Button Loop | 4 Button Cuff
100% Superfine Wool | Black Plaid Pattern | Flat Front Pants | Side Seam Pockets | Unfinished Hem | Zip Fly 6 Inch waist difference (i.e. Suits size 40″ = 34″ pant size)

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Prevent Moth Holes in your Clothes (especially your Suit)

One of the most horrific things to discover is a hole in your $800 Sean John Suit (that you secretly bought from for under $300 – sorry, couldn’t resist). Most people never really take any specific precaution against moth attacks until they’ve experienced such a phenomenon themselves or have had a close friend depict their own encounter with these anti-suit insects. Believe us when we say that prevention is a highly intelligent path to take notwithstanding the fact that is that it is not all that difficult a process. In this post we will talk to you about moths and also tell you what you can do to prevent infestations in your closet.

Before we even talk about prevention, we should mention that if you are already a victom of a moth attack, you should check out the following post we wrote about reweaving:

Clothes moths larva (caterpiller) usually damage material that come from animals: feathers, wool, fur, and silk. The interesting thing is that adult moths do not feed. These moths are usually not seen since they hide in dark places during the day. The indian Meal moth, which is seen during the day, is sometimes mistaken for clothes moths.

Here are a few tips to prevent moth attacks:

1) Empty your closets at least once a year to vacuum and sanitize them.

2) Remove lint from your susceptible clothes that the moths can feed on.

3) When buying your suits look to see if the manufacturer has treated the fabric with a moth resistant compound.

4) Clean your items before storage. Believe it or not, the moths are attracted to clothing stained by food, perspiration, beveriges, etc… rather than the clean fabric itself (side note: store fur in a cold environment)

5) Store your articles in tightly closed containers (after they have been cleaned) or unpunctured bags in order to keep moths away (side note: cedar chests will work because they are usually tightly sealed and not because of the cedar oil that may be released – common myth).

6) Try to keep your clothes in places under 40 degrees Celsius. The moths won’t die in cold temperatures – but at least their activity will be slowed down or even halted temporarily.

7) If you have infected clothes, try leaving them in the sun and brushing them rigorously (especially brushing hard to reach spots  such as  around the cuffs). Dry cleaning them can also accomplish the same results.

8) Let’s not forget moth balls 🙂 They will help prevent infestations – but, they do stink.

For more information, please visit the PestControlCanada:

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How to Take Care of Your Suit so it Lasts

A common piece of advice that we’ve all heard from our elders is that you can’t afford to be cheap. When it comes to buying a suit, you should invest in something of good quality so that you can make the most use of it. When you do buy such a suit, there are a few things that you can do in order to keep it in top shape. Here are a few tips from us to you:

(Sean John Suit from

a) Don’t stuff you pocket with bulging materials such as keys, watches, or a big fat wallet. Only carry with you what is necessary and this way you won’t put too much pressure on your suit.

b) Make sure to unbutton your jacket before you take a seat at the dinner table. Further to this, do pull your pants up a bit (especially at the knees) so that you you don’t stretch the fabric when you take a seat.

c) Brush your suits and keep the lint off. It’s generally good practice to brush your suit before you store it in your closet.

d) Use a good cloth hanger (one that is meant for suits) to keep the suit in good shape when stored in your closet. Make sure that your suit is not stuffed into your closet so that it doesn’t get wrinkled.

e) Have an umbrella at the house and at the office so that if it happens to rain, your suit does not suffer from water damage.

f) Dry clean your suit about once a season (unless circumstances require you to do this more often). If you are simply trying to get rid of wrinkles, use a steamer as it will do wonders for you.

g) Add a crotch liner to your suit pants to prevent tearing from abrasion over time.

h) Dab the center of each button with some clear nail polish to keep your buttons attached for a longer time (strengthens the thread).

If you have any more advice that we haven’t mentioned in this post, please feel free to mention it below.

Thanks again to the following blogs for providing some good reference material:’s-issues-articles/men-how-can-you-care-for-your-suits-913222.html

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Deodorizing Your Suit – Best Practices

Some of our customers from have recently been asking us what the best way is to get rid of odors from their suits. Odors are of course common unwelcome visitors in the world of suits. Take for example the time you went to the night club (wearing your blazer) and danced all night long, or how about the time that your friend Jimmy and his buddies invited you to a barbecue (you know, the time when you ended up smelling like steak)? Needless to say, there are times when you need to make your suit smell fresh again.

The most common approach or answer to this dilemma is to take your suit to the dry cleaner and mention to him the problem that you are having. There are some issues with taking your suit to the dry cleaner too often though. Too much cleaning can shorten the lifespan of your suit.

Another approach that you could take is to air out your suit. Hang your suit somewhere near an open window for a day (or more if necessary) and this will do wonders for you.

Another thing that can help is laying your suit out under the sun (for example, you could hang it in your balcony – hopefully you have one). Alas, if it rains, your suit will make a box of raisins jealous with the amount of rinkles that it will develop. You generally don’t want to let your suit out for too long since the sun can be harsh on colors and cause fading: generally not a concern unless you do this often and for long periods at a time.

You can also try steaming your suit with a home steamer (great idea when you need a quick fix). Of course, if you need an even faster solution, you could always use Febreeze or you could take a bath in cologne (generally not a good idea).

If anyone has other tips on how to keep odors out of your clothes, please do feel free to share!

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