Deodorizing Your Suit – Best Practices

Some of our customers from have recently been asking us what the best way is to get rid of odors from their suits. Odors are of course common unwelcome visitors in the world of suits. Take for example the time you went to the night club (wearing your blazer) and danced all night long, or how about the time that your friend Jimmy and his buddies invited you to a barbecue (you know, the time when you ended up smelling like steak)? Needless to say, there are times when you need to make your suit smell fresh again.

The most common approach or answer to this dilemma is to take your suit to the dry cleaner and mention to him the problem that you are having. There are some issues with taking your suit to the dry cleaner too often though. Too much cleaning can shorten the lifespan of your suit.

Another approach that you could take is to air out your suit. Hang your suit somewhere near an open window for a day (or more if necessary) and this will do wonders for you.

Another thing that can help is laying your suit out under the sun (for example, you could hang it in your balcony – hopefully you have one). Alas, if it rains, your suit will make a box of raisins jealous with the amount of rinkles that it will develop. You generally don’t want to let your suit out for too long since the sun can be harsh on colors and cause fading: generally not a concern unless you do this often and for long periods at a time.

You can also try steaming your suit with a home steamer (great idea when you need a quick fix). Of course, if you need an even faster solution, you could always use Febreeze or you could take a bath in cologne (generally not a good idea).

If anyone has other tips on how to keep odors out of your clothes, please do feel free to share!


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