Should I wear a Suit or Tux to my Wedding?

Your wedding is coming up. Should you wear your Hugo Boss Jam Sharp Black Label Suit or should you go for the tuxedo? As you know, the world of fashion changes quite quickly. A decade or so ago, this conversation would have definitely taken a different light; but, here and now, this is a very valid – intensely debated – question. Before we go on to discuss this further, please do take our poll below to let us know what you think:

The reality is that opinions are truly divided on the blogosphere when it comes to the suit/tuxedo debate., in response to a question about wearing a suit to a wedding says:

“It’s so not cool. A formal affair calls for formal attire—and that means a tuxedo. In fact, if your fiancé looked a little more closely, he’d realize that the sharply dressed men strolling the red carpet are actually wearing tuxedos with business ties instead of traditional bow ties. If he’s still not convinced, though, steer him toward a trendy one-button tuxedo jacket with peaked lapels—a favorite look of A-listers like Leo and Jamie—which he can pair with a simple white piqué shirt.”

Whereas fashion forums such as men’s style says in response to a guy who is looking to figure out what to wear for his late-afternoon/early-evening wedding:

“If your bride is planning to wear a gown with a veil, these are your choices: When a formal wedding takes place before 7 P.M., the groom customarily wears gray striped trousers, a gray vest, a wing collar and an ascot or cravat in white or black. After 7 P.M., a formal wedding calls for white tie and tails.”

Nowadays, the suit option is definitely popping up in men’s minds all across when it comes time to tie the knot. The general opinion nowadays seems to go with a Tux after 7pm and a suit before 7pm (but again, this isn’t written in stone).


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