Can Men Wear White Shoes with a Suit or Other Clothing?

During the last photo-shoot that we held at SuitUpp, one of our models showed up with white shoes. Not just any white shoes, but really, really white shoes (see picture below). Now, as we men of fashion know, as long as you are wearing white between memorial day and labor day, it’s generally ok – or at least, it’s not blasphemous. model with white shoes

Our good model friend, though, did remember the #1 matching rule when it comes to shoes – your shoes and belt have to match. We talked about this in a post where we talked about men’s fashion tips on shoes and belts and it seems that the rule was followed as shown in the picture below – we hope this means that he reads our blog 🙂

man wearing white shoes with white belt

Ok, so his shoes and belt match and he’s wearing these white shoes during summer time. Is that all there is to wearing white shoes? If your answer was “no”, you’re on to something. The reality about the color white, whether its for shoes or whether it’s for your suit jacket is that it will draw attention. It’ll draw attention from girls and it’ll draw attention from guys. We noticed this at the shoot. Virtually all of our crew – from camera men, to the director, to the other models… all of them reacted by making some sort of a remark about the shoes: ranging from “wow, you’re wearing white shoes” to “what the …” – pardon the expression.

Now, without having to go through how our friend here reacted to these comments, it is important that if you’re planning on wearing white that you are ready for it. If you have the right attitude and the confidence necessary, you’ll be a master of fashion. If you get intimidated by comments that come your way, then you’re going to dread the color for some time to come. Wearing white is a very unique experience and we commend all who have mastered it.

We’d love to hear your stories on wearing white. Do drop me a line at and I’d be happy to post about your experiences as well!



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3 responses to “Can Men Wear White Shoes with a Suit or Other Clothing?

  1. at least, this colour is essential for religious way. Nice shots…I think the next article that suit is can man wear hand held bag ?

  2. jerick

    i love wearing white shoes .. like he wears in the picture .. with white belt also .. the only thing that we differ is because i wear my white shoes and belt together with a skinny jeans .. making it more sexy .. 🙂

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