How to Neatly Pack Your Suitcase – Suits, Pants, Socks, Shirts, Ties, Belts – For Men

Here at SuitUpp we occasionally travel and we know that it’s not easy to pack your suitcase properly. There are so many ways to pack your suitcase but it’s important to fit more and of course avoid creases in the process. For this reason, in this blog post, we’re going to teach you some tips and tricks to be aware of when packing your suitcase for travel.

Packing Your Shoes and Belts:

When it comes to shoes and belts, try and put them in a plastic bag so that they don’t damage the rest of your clothes. Once done, make sure to put these items alongside the spine of the suitcase so that when the suitcase is carried, these items are placed at the bottom of your bag.


Packing Your Pants:

Don’t fold up your pants. Simply lay them down in the suitcase with the bottom of the pants hanging out of the suitcase. This will help avoid creasing. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to leave the bottom part of your pants hanging out of the suitcase – we’ll tell you what to do with the bottom part in a bit – for now, leave them there 🙂


Packing Shirts and Sweaters:

Continue to neatly and evenly place your folded shirts/sweaters on top of your pants. Once done, fold back your pants over into your suitcase.


Folding Your Suit Jacket:

First lay your suit face up. Now put a piece of plastic on top of the suit and then fold the arms of the jacket over the piece of plastic. Once you’ve done this, fold the top 1/3 of the jacket over. Now, do the same thing with the bottom 1/3 of the jacket. Put the folded jacket into a dry cleaning bag and then put it into your suitcase.


Final Tips in Packing Your Suitcase:

Make sure that you suitcase is firmly packed (obviously not so much so that it is about to burst) as this will leave less room for the clothes to wiggle around in and cause creasing (use socks and ties to fill up empty spaces in your suitcase). Also, ensure that there is nothing left in the pockets of any of the garments you’ve packed.

It’s best to put breakable items in your carry-on; but, if you must put them in your suitcase, put them in the middle of some clothes to provide extra cushioning. As for wool items, put them in a bag so none of the wool material rubs off on the rest of your clothes.

When you do get to your final destination, unpack quickly and hang your clothes. Good Luck!



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