Can I Wear a Suit without a Tie? Should I Wear a Tie?

Recently, we’ve been seeing more and more images in the media showing celebrities and politicians appearing on our television screens without the all too familiar tie. For this reason, we’re going to spend time talking about this newly arising phenomenon to address your questions about how to pull off this look properly.

Let’s Take a look at President Barack O’Bama without a tie:


Pulling off this look is actually not too difficult. Here are some tips:

1)Make sure your shirt collar is stiff – starching that collar would be a good idea. In other words, your collar should stand up proud without the supporting clutches of a neck-tie.

2) Make sure that the shirt is well-tailored such that it doesn’t hang off your body and doesn’t look like it’s two sizes too big.

3) This one may seem obvious, but under no circumstances should you button up the top-most button of your shirt when you’re not showing off a tie.

4) Confidence… an essential part of any look.


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