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Can I wear a Digital Watch with my Suit?

Watches are definitely an accessory that men ponder about all the time (we do at SuitUpp). When it comes to a suit, we all know that a Rolex can match quite well. If you don’t want to invest too much in the watch though, can you skip the analog and move to digital?

If you are looking for a general rule to use when choosing your watch, analog is more formal and digital is less formal. To take that a step further on the analog side, you could also say that the more formal the occasion, the thinner the watch. If you wanted to get really formal, of course, you could invest in a pocket watch. If you’re wondering about the pocket watch and how to wear it, you should read our blog post on this. With that said, there is still room for the digital watch. If you’re going for a night on the town or are just touting a jacket during the day, an eye-catching sight like the Casio G-Shock can do the trick. Remember, fashion is all about making a statement  & sometimes going against convention can be a good thing! Just don’t wear the Casio at a wedding đŸ™‚


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What Color Shoes Should I Wear with an Off-white Suit

We recently got a question from one of our readers asking what color shoes should be worn with an off-white suit. Since we do sell off-white suits every now and then at SuitUpp,like this Sean John beige suit with brown pinstripes, we thought this was a very relevant question đŸ™‚

The answer is that you can wear light brown or even white dress shoes depending on the color of suit and whether the occasion is formal or more casual (white for casual and light brown for formal). As you can see in the picture above, our SuitUpp model is wearing light brown shoes (for a more formal look). If you have another color suit and are trying to decide what type of shoes to wear, consider this guide on what type of shoes to wear (another blog post from us).


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What to wear with a Seersucker Suit – Match Your Seersucker Jacket

Last week, we talked about Seersucker (the fabric). We talked about the origins and why people wear it. This week, we thought we’d talk about Seersucker suits. They’ve been on the rise all over the country (especially in the South and East) – typically worn by younger men. The question is, if you are to wear one of these, what do you wear with a Seersucker suit?

The Seersucker suit is quite the statement on it’s own so if you are going to be touting one, you should just be wearing a plain oxford button down shirt. If you’re going to wear a tie, a plain silk one should do in this case (preferably dark). If you’re wondering whether you should wear a tie or not, make sure to read our blog post on this.

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