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12 responses to “Submit Your Question

  1. Brad

    How would you recommend avoiding the “billowing” that occurs when a thin guy tucks in his dress shirt, on the sides and back…. without covering it up with a blazer?

  2. Is there a good web site where I can see latest styles in two piece and other men’s clothing.

    Thank you,

  3. Mark

    Is it appropiate to put the shirt’s collar over your soprts jacket’s lapel? (eg. your model picture at the top of the page)

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  5. I am attending a wedding. I have no time to buy a new suit, but my Hugo Boss suit has fallen victim to moths. I have a very nice black Calvin Klein dress jacket.

    What pants would go well with this? I do not want to look dinner casual or anything. I want to look good and respectful of the event.

    • That’s always an interesting challenge! You’ll want to avoid trying to match blacks as there’s a better chance of being hit by lightening. There are just too many shades of black.

      You’re lucky though. Black is the universal donor of suits and you have a few options for a wedding.

      I’d try a pair of flat charcoal or gray dress pants.

      Here are some possible combinations:

      Very slick: Charcoal pants / Charcoal pinstripe shirt / Thin black tie / Black blazer / Black belt / Black shoes

      Very slick – option 2: Gray pants / Gray checkered shirt / Thin black tie / Black blazer / Black belt / Black shoes

      Colorful: Charcoal pants / Matte purple shirt / Purple patterned tie / Black blazer / Black belt / Black shoes

      Colorful – option 2: Charcoal pants / Deep blue shirt / Light blue patterned tie / Black blazer / Black belt / Black shoes

      Bottom line: Go with charcoal or dark gray pants and you’ve got no worries. Skinny black tie would be the killer touch.


  6. Two questions:

    1: Is it still the rule that flat-front pants get no cuff, while pleated pants get the cuff?

    2: I have a beautiful canali suit that has suffered minor damage. The local tailor/cleaner said he’d just patch it (cut a small block, stitch the same fabric, kind of like patching drywall…) It will be slightly noticable, but will work. That doesn’t work for me and I started to look for a reweaver, but they don’t seem to exist anymore. Any suggestions in NYC area? Did this art vanish due to throw-away culture?

  7. Allison

    How long does it take to get a suit from your company? I have an August 15th wedding and my brother would like a suit.

    • mimedalla

      Hey Allison

      To Answer your question:

      Suit shipping usually takes little over a week with flat rate shipping.

      In scenarios where a suit is required urgently, express delivery is offered by us here at Depending on the suit you select, the suit can be shipped out as early as the following business day. Given your geographic location, you should expect the suit to arrive sometime at the beginning of next week with express shipping or the next business day with overnight shipping.

      If you have any other concerns please feel free to contact me at my email:

      Thank You


  8. Nice Stuffs. I will keep visiting this very often.I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading your feed for today fashion….

  9. spencer washington

    What’s a good color shoe to wear with an off white suite?

    • aym35

      Hi Spencer,

      You can wear light brown or even white dress shoes depending on the color of suit if it’s formal or more casual (white for casual and light brown for formal).

      We’ll write a blog post on this next week 🙂

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