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Frames 101 – What kind of frames should I wear ?

In today’s business world it’s important that every individual look and feel their absolute best. Whether we would like to admit it or not, looks play a large role in our daily lives. A suit is meant to compliment character in the best way possible, think of it as an extension of one’s personality.  A well made and fitted suit (Much like the Hugo Boss – Black Label suit we had last week) can help project the right level of confidence needed to finalize any business deal.

Yet ironically, people pay little, if any attention to detail when it comes to their selection in  eyewear. Much like a suit, eyewear requires the right type of look and feel to compliment one’s character.  The proper eye protection can successfully help project the right level  confidence that every businessperson wishes to have. It’s important that eyewear compliment face structure, as well as skin tone in order to give off the right affect.

oval_faceOval Face: If you fall under this category, good riddance! People with Oval face structures have the easiest time in selecting the right type eyewear to compliment their face structure because any kind of frame works. We here at recommend that you experiment with different looks to see what best compliments the style you are trying to project the most.

Eyewear type: Any Frame works

round_faceRound Face: People with a rounded face should concentrate on finding frames that will make their face structure appear longer and thinner. This is best acheive by finding frames that are equal to or slightly wider than the broadest part of the face; this in turn will minimize the curves of the face and add definition to the face structure. Sunglasses with brow bars are also recommended, brow bars help make the eyes appear higher, making the face appear longer than it really is.

Eyewear type: Frames that are equal to or wider than the broadest part of the face. Frames with angular / rectangular finishes will help give a slick, confident finish.

diamond_faceDiamond Face: People with a Diamond face structure are recognizable by wide or high cheekbone with a narrowing forehead and chin. The best frames to use with this kind of face structure are oval frames, although softly curved square frames will also help give the same desired affect. If you fall under this category, make your that the frames you select are no wider than the top of the cheekbone in order to help preserve the slick look of the face structure.

Eyewear type: Oval, Square (With rounded frames), as well as rimless frames will all compliment Diamond faces rather nicely.

rectangular_faceRectangular Face: Individuals with a Rectangular face structure are best suited with frames that either widen or shorten the face structure but that do not extend beyond the widest portions of the face. Much like Ovals, we here at recommend you experiment with different looks in order to find the right style you are looking for.

Eyewear type: Round or Square frames that do not extend past the widest portion of the face will compliment Rectangular faces well.

triangular_faceTriangular Face: Individuals with Triangular face structures are recognizable by a narrow jaw in conjunction with a widening forehead. Frames that help soften the lower portion of the face by accenting the eye area will best suit this face structure. Metal frames with rimless bottoms are also a viable option that you may want look into.

Eyewear type: Frames with a Straight Top Line as well as Cat Eyes frames will compliment triangular face structures well.

Please Note: When selecting the color of a frame, make sure the color compliments your skin tone. Individuals with a darker complexion should stick with darker colored frames. Those with lighter skins tones have some flexibility in select frames with lighter colors (Although we do not recommend bright colors in conjunction with a suit)


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What type of Hats are there? – part II of III

As part of our 3 part series in talking about hats, we wrote briefly about the different parts of hats (i.e. hat nomenclature) in our last post. This week, we are going to talk about the different types of hats there are. The following are some of the more common hats:

Baseball Cap:

Starting at the top of the list is the casual baseball cap. Most people are already familiar with this type of hat and so we won’t spend much time on it. The unique identifying characteristic here is the long, stiff, and sometimes slightly rounded peak. The following is a picture of Ashton Kutcher wearing a baseball cap.


The beret usually has a soft round cap made of felt wool. The hat in itself is a french phenomenon and comes with a flat crown. One of the most common questions asked about a beret is which side it should be pushed to when wearing it. The answer is that it depends on local custom. For this reason, for the casual wear, which side you tip it towards does not matter. The beret in itself is interesting in terms of societal suggestions. It is worn as part of military uniform in many countries across the world. At the same time, it is also somewhat of revolutionary symbol. One of Che Guevara’s most famous pictures was taken while wearing a beret.


This type of hat is also known as a basher, katie, skimmer, and even sennit. The hat was commonly worn by sailors and those who, as the name dictates, went boating. The hat itself is usually made of sennit straw and is known to be a summer hat. The expression, “It’s a straw hat day” exemplifies the context in which the hat would become appropriate accessory in earlier years. Nowadays the hat is still part of school uniforms (sometimes officially and other times not) in places like New Zealand and Australia. In modern day, in North America, the hat is still mostly worn while going sailing on a summer day. The following are some boater hats from a Marc Jacob’s collection:

Bowler Hat:

Also known as a coke hat, a name that comes from its inventor – Edward Coke, the bowler hat is a hard felt hat with a rounded crown (some also call it a billycock). The hat in itself peaked in popularity towards the ends of the 19th century. It was essentially a compromise between a top hat (worn by the wealthy) and flat caps worn by the working class. The following is a picture of Fergie wearing a bowler hat.

Bucket Hat:

Worn by men and women, the bucket hat has a downward sloping brim and is usually made of cotton. In the UK, it is also known as a fishing hat. In American Popular culture, the hat is famous for being exemplified in Gilligan’s Island and Indiana Jones (worn by Professor Henry Jones, Sr). In modern day, some famous rappers such as LL Cool J have also been known to tout this accessory.

Cowboy Hat:

More commonly Worn in the Western United States, the hat is a common wear for a ranch worker. It is not uncommon for folks from the Western United States to wear the hat even with a suit when they are not in the West. The hat itself brings with it the connotation of the cowboy culture and attitude. Former President George W. Bush was often seen wearing a cowboy hat.


A more popular hat, it has a length wise crease and it is made of soft felt. There was a period in the 70’s and 80’s where the hat fell out of fashion amongst the young crowd; however, Hollywood is definitely bringing it back into style. The following is a picture of Hugh Jackman wearing a Fedora:


A Panama is a straw hat originally made in Ecuador. This hat was made popular in movies such as Casablanca and works quite well with white linen suits.

Top Hat:

The top hat is a tall flat crowned hat with a broad brim that was popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries. In modern North American culture, this type of hat is commonly worn by doormen at Hotels. With that said, the hat in itself is also much of a symbol in Rock Culture. The following picture shows Angus Stone wearing a top hat:

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Should I wear a pocket watch?

This question comes from Tim McDonald from North Dakota: Should I wear a pocket watch?

In order to understand the fashion statements that a pocket watch can make, one must understand the origins. Back in the day, pocket watches were a statement of wealth and class. They were very accurate time-keepers and were great for any occupation that required accurate time-keeping and scheduling: think of guys on wall-street in the early 1900s.

Nowadays, you don’t see many touting a pocket watch, but when you do, it does draw attention and makes a fashion statment like no other. It is usually preferable to wear a pocket watch when you are also wearing a vest. displayed a great Sean John 3-piece suit that is perfect for the pocket watch. 

It is usually customery to wear the pocket watch on the left as most people are right handed. Make sure that the pants that you wear this watch with are not too tight so that you can access the watch with a simple yank and without having to pull. Silver and Gold are the best fit for this type of a watch but nickel can also work.

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