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How Much Does it Cost to Tailor My Shirt, Suit, and Pants?

Once you’ve experienced tailored clothing, it’s hard to go back to clothing that doesn’t fit perfectly. So the question is, once you’ve picked up a suit from SuitUpp, how much do you have to spend in order to get it tailored?

While these costs will always vary from tailor to tailor, you can expect to pay between 10-20% of the suit cost. For example, if your suit cost $500, then you can expect to pay between $50-$75 – for the jacket and pant combination. Shirts will usually cost between $10-$20 to tailor. Now, percentages aren’t a good way of measuring cost. For example, if your suit cost $5,000 dollars, paying $750 for tailoring doesn’t seem reasonable – of course, suits in that price range will usually be pre-tailored so you don’t have to worry about tailoring them after purchase 🙂


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How do I know my Suit Size?

how to find out your suit size

how to find out your suit size

Our good friend Sam Ikiima from Chicago, Illinois told us that he loves the suits that we sell on SuitUpp but didn’t know what suit size to buy: “Guys, How do I know what suit size will be right for me since a suit size might be a bit different from vendor to vendor?”

Great question Sam! Well, first and foremost, the easiest way to find out your suit size is to go to a big department store and see which size fits you best in general. Let’s say that your suit size, based on your findings, is a 40 Regular. Once you know this, you can buy a 40 Regular from SuitUpp. Afterwards, you can take the suit to a tailor and generally have it custom fit for you… here are some general notes:

  • A jacket that is too big at the waist can be easily taken in by a tailor
  • If your slacks are 1-2″ too big or small a tailor can easily taken them in or out. If the slacks are over 2″ too big, a tailor can re-cut them to fit (typically more expensive).
  • Typically and unless otherwise noted our pant bottoms come unfinished and unhemmed. It is best to let a professional tailor alter the length for you.

Do this and you can buy the right suit from SuitUpp. In the event that for some reason your tailor says that the suit can’t be custom made to your fit, we have a great return policy.

Now, if you don’t want to take a trip to your local department store, what you can do is just read our article on how to find out your suit size.

Hope this helps!
SuitUpp Team.

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How do I find out the Pant Size for a Suit?

Our good friend, John Elton from New Jersey sent us a message asking us how he could figure out what the pant size for a suit is.

This is a very good question and we hate to use the phrase, but have no choice but to say, “it depends.” The good news, though, is that in most cases the pant size is the suit size minus 7. In other words, if you had a size 40 suit, the pants would have a 33 inch waist. When buying a suit online, this is a very important measure to keep in mind. Our most recent suit on SuitUpp (Ralph Lauren Pin Stripe 2 Piece Suit) falls under this category.

Sometimes, the suits that we sell on SuitUpp have a pant waist size that is the suit size minus 6. In order to be sure, make sure to check out the full description of the suit!

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