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Interpreting the Invitation Card, What to Wear? – Suits, Ties, Cufflinks, etc…


Occasionally, we get an invitation card in the mail requesting our presence at a formal networking event, a dinner, or even a wedding… When we do, it’s always a struggle to determine exactly what to wear. Wouldn’t it be nice if they just told you explicitly what to wear? Not necessarily… If you think about it, this ability to interpret the invitation card is what separates the truly fashionable from everyone else. After all, we are the SuitUpp guys… we should be able to tell from how to dress. We were having this discussion with the crew this past week and we decided that it would be nice to give our readers a guideline to use so that you too could call yourself a SuitUpp guy… or should we say SuitUpp Gentleman? ๐Ÿ™‚

Black Tie: Most people know that when you read these words on the invitation card, it means that you’re going to pull the tux out of the closet or head to the rental store. While it is true that some people still don’t wear a tux when they see these magical words, hopefully, our readers aren’t in that category. After all, we all love the opportunity to show off the tux don’t we?

Black Tie Optional: This basically means that you should really wear a tux but a dark suit will also do. French-cuffed shirts are recommended.

Semi Formal: This means grab your dark suit. If you are looking for an example of a suit that would fall into this category, check out this Sean John Charcoal 3 Piece Suit. A three piece suit generally adds another level of formality to what you are wearing.

Smart Casual /Elegant Casual: Restaurants will typically use this terminology. The point is to give guests some freedom as to what to wear. We recommend wearing a jacket and no tie. A nice dress shirt or even a polo shirt will go with your outfit – no jeans though.

Business Attire: Suit, Dress Shirt, and Tie – no ambiguity here.

Summer Events: White dinner jackets or a Pale Linen Suit is a good idea.

Other Tips:
1) When in doubt wear dark.
2) If possible, call your host and ask what they mean in the invitation if you are not clear – don’t be shy.
3) Never appear disheveled. Shave, Shower, and Comb – Put on a Smile and tout a firm handshake.


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Half Windsor Knot – How to Tie a Tie – Part IV

Since we talked to you about the Windsor Tie Knot last time, we’ll talk to you about a modification of that as well: the Half Windsor Tie Knot! This is how it’s done…

Once you learn this stuff, if you need some new ties to practice on, make sure to check out our Fall 2009 Collection of Ties ๐Ÿ™‚


1) Cross over the thick end of your tie over the thin end.

2) Bring the wide end back underneath the thin end of the tie.

3) Now flip over the wide end through the main loop of the tie such that it ends up behind the thin end.


4) Now move the wide end to the right side.

5) Flip the wide end through the main loop of the tie again (but don’t bring it down yet).

6) Now carefully pull through the wide end through the knot of the tie, and tighten it from there… and you’re done!

Thanks again to the guys from Harry Rosen’s for providing the images for this post!

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Windsor Tie Knot – How to Tie a Tie Part III

One of the most popular tie knots is the Windsor Tie Knot and so we’re dedicating this blog post to talk about how it’s done ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh… and afterwards, you should really check out our tie of the month ๐Ÿ™‚

windsor tie knot

1) As with most tie knots, just grab the wide end and cross it over the thin end.

2) Take the wide end and flip it through the wide end once and then bring it down.

3) Grab the wide end and bring it right behind the thin end to the right and hold it up.


4) Now take the wide end and flip it through the loop and then cross it to the right side again (this time in front of the thin end).

5) Pass the wide end through the main loop of the necktie again.

6) Pull the wide end through the fold of the tie, adjust, and slide knot up until perfect.

Thanks again to the guys from Harry Rosen’s for providing the images for this post!

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How to Tie a “Milanese” Tie Knot – How to Tie a Tie – Part II

We love ties here atย SuitUpp as you can tell from our tie of the month.
So, we figured that weโ€™d show you in a 6 part series how to tie some of the more famous tie knots. In this post we’ll be showing youย how to tie a Milanese tie knot.


1) Cross the wide end over the thin end and hold it in place.

2) Wrap the tie over the center point.

3) Once more time now. Wrap the tie over this center point again.


4) Now take this wide end of the tie and bring it up through the main loop of the tie.

5) Now pass through the wide end through the knot that we created in the previous steps.

6) Pull the wide end to the side a bit so you can tighten it.

7) Now, you can adjust the knot a bit until it looks good and then just bring up the knot to the collar point of your shirt and we’re done!

Credits: Thanks to the Harry Rosen guys for the tie pictures.

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How to tie a “Four in Hand” Tie Knot – How to Tie a Tie – Part I

We love ties here at SuitUpp as you can tell from our tie of the month.
So, we figured that we’d show you in a 6 part series how to tie some of the more famous tie knots. We’ll kick things off by showing you how to tie a four in hand knot.

1) Start with the wide end of your tie on the right. Position the wide end so that it is about 1 foot longer than the thin end. Now cross the wide end over the thin end.
2) Now bring the wide end back underneath.
3) One more time now. Twist the wide end over the thin end again.

4) Pass the wide end through the main loop of your tie (from underneath).
5) Now, very carefully, pass the wide end through the knot created by the last two loops that we just created (bring this end down vertically).
6) Some tightening and slide knot up a bit – and we’re done ๐Ÿ™‚

Credits: Images are a courtesy of the guys over at Harry Rosen’s. Thanks dudes ๐Ÿ™‚

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How to Neatly Pack Your Suitcase – Suits, Pants, Socks, Shirts, Ties, Belts – For Men

Here at SuitUpp we occasionally travel and we know that it’s not easy to pack your suitcase properly. There are so many ways to pack your suitcase but it’s important to fit more and of course avoid creases in the process. For this reason, in this blog post, we’re going to teach you some tips and tricks to be aware of when packing your suitcase for travel.

Packing Your Shoes and Belts:

When it comes to shoes and belts, try and put them in a plastic bag so that they don’t damage the rest of your clothes. Once done, make sure to put these items alongside the spine of the suitcase so that when the suitcase is carried, these items are placed at the bottom of your bag.


Packing Your Pants:

Don’t fold up your pants. Simply lay them down in the suitcase with the bottom of the pants hanging out of the suitcase. This will help avoid creasing. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to leave the bottom part of your pants hanging out of the suitcase – we’ll tell you what to do with the bottom part in a bit – for now, leave them there ๐Ÿ™‚


Packing Shirts and Sweaters:

Continue to neatly and evenly place your folded shirts/sweaters on top of your pants. Once done, fold back your pants over into your suitcase.


Folding Your Suit Jacket:

First lay your suit face up. Now put a piece of plastic on top of the suit and then fold the arms of the jacket over the piece of plastic. Once you’ve done this, fold the top 1/3 of the jacket over. Now, do the same thing with the bottom 1/3 of the jacket. Put the folded jacket into a dry cleaning bag and then put it into your suitcase.


Final Tips in Packing Your Suitcase:

Make sure that you suitcase is firmly packed (obviously not so much so that it is about to burst) as this will leave less room for the clothes to wiggle around in and cause creasing (use socks and ties to fill up empty spaces in your suitcase). Also, ensure that there is nothing left in the pockets of any of the garments you’ve packed.

It’s best to put breakable items in your carry-on; but, if you must put them in your suitcase, put them in the middle of some clothes to provide extra cushioning. As for wool items, put them in a bag so none of the wool material rubs off on the rest of your clothes.

When you do get to your final destination, unpack quickly and hang your clothes. Good Luck!


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Frames 101 – What kind of frames should I wear ?

In today’s business world it’s important that every individual look and feel their absolute best. Whether we would like to admit it or not, looks play a large role in our daily lives. A suit is meant to compliment character in the best way possible, think of it as an extension of one’s personality.ย  A well made and fitted suit (Much like the Hugo Boss – Black Label suit we had last week) can help project the right level of confidence needed to finalize any business deal.

Yet ironically, people pay little, if any attention to detail when it comes to their selection inย  eyewear. Much like a suit, eyewear requires the right type of look and feel to compliment one’s character.ย  The proper eye protection can successfully help project the right levelย  confidence that every businessperson wishes to have. It’s important that eyewear compliment face structure, as well as skin tone in order to give off the right affect.

oval_faceOval Face: If you fall under this category, good riddance! People with Oval face structures have the easiest time in selecting the right type eyewear to compliment their face structure because any kind of frame works. We here at recommend that you experiment with different looks to see what best compliments the style you are trying to project the most.

Eyewear type: Any Frame works

round_faceRound Face: People with a rounded face should concentrate on finding frames that will make their face structure appear longer and thinner. This is best acheive by finding frames that are equal to or slightly wider than the broadest part of the face; this in turn will minimize the curves of the face and add definition to the face structure. Sunglasses with brow bars are also recommended, brow bars help make the eyes appear higher, making the face appear longer than it really is.

Eyewear type: Frames that are equal to or wider than the broadest part of the face. Frames with angular / rectangular finishes will help give a slick, confident finish.

diamond_faceDiamond Face: People with a Diamond face structure are recognizable by wide or high cheekbone with a narrowing forehead and chin. The best frames to use with this kind of face structure are oval frames, although softly curved square frames will also help give the same desired affect. If you fall under this category, make your that the frames you select are no wider than the top of the cheekbone in order to help preserve the slick look of the face structure.

Eyewear type: Oval, Square (With rounded frames), as well as rimless frames will all compliment Diamond faces rather nicely.

rectangular_faceRectangular Face: Individuals with a Rectangular face structure are best suited with frames that either widen or shorten the face structure but that do not extend beyond the widest portions of the face. Much like Ovals, we here at recommend you experiment with different looks in order to find the right style you are looking for.

Eyewear type: Round or Square frames that do not extend past the widest portion of the face will compliment Rectangular faces well.

triangular_faceTriangular Face: Individuals with Triangular face structures are recognizable by a narrow jaw in conjunction with a widening forehead. Frames that help soften the lower portion of the face by accenting the eye area will best suit this face structure. Metal frames with rimless bottoms are also a viable option that you may want look into.

Eyewear type: Frames with a Straight Top Line as well as Cat Eyes frames will compliment triangular face structures well.

Please Note: When selecting the color of a frame, make sure the color compliments your skin tone. Individuals with a darker complexion should stick with darker colored frames. Those with lighter skins tones have some flexibility in select frames with lighter colors (Although we do not recommend bright colors in conjunction with a suit)

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