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Can I Wear a Suit to a Club?

If you are heading out to a club, you want to look sharp and stylish. More and more, you see men wearing suits to night clubs and pubs. What is appropriate attire for a night out and what should be avoided? In this post, we’ll make some recommendations on what you should wear.

When you are heading out to go clubbing with the guys or are taking your mate somewhere special, keep in mind that you want to look sharp but you don’t want to look like you just left the office either. If you are heading out to a bar with the guys after work, it is perfectly legitimate to leave the suit on and maybe loosen up that tie while you have a drink or two. When you are heading out pub hopping, you generally want to leave the tie back at home. A tie will make you look stiff and you want to appear calm, cool, and relaxed. Since the tie doesn’t help, leave it out.

Let’s start with your pants. You generally want to wear a pair of jeans when going clubbing. Now, there will be some more formal locations where suit pants will be the only appropriate thing to wear; but, to make a generalization, choose a really nice pair of jeans. If you want a recommendation, check out the following Taverniti Jeans:

Taverniti Men’s Meg 19 Premium Denim Jeans – Antique Blue

Taverniti Men's Meg 19 Premium Denim Jeans - Antique Blue
What you can wear for a shirt is more flexible. A personal favorite for us at, is a collared white shirt. It looks very sharp and if you leave the top first 2 buttons open, it’ll give you a nice relaxed look. You want to look relaxed, because looking relaxed will, believe it or not, make you feel more relaxed throughout the night. You want to be approachable and so your attire will be very important for this. Here is an example of a Hugo Boss Gilbert/Tower Suit worn with such a shirt:

You can also experiment with a number of other types of shirts. You can wear a V-Collar shirt or a simple solid colored tshirt. Wearing layers will be very important to you throughout your clubbing adventure. If you get too hot, you can always leave the extra layers at the coat check. Wearing a suit jacket or perhaps a blazer that goes really well with your Jeans is the best way to go if you are looking for layers to add on. It should be stressed that if you are not wearing a jacket over your shirt, a collared shirt is preferable over a v-collar or other collarless shirts.

For more ideas one what type of clothing is appropriate for your night out, check out the following video from


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How to Wear a Tuxedo

In honor of the Ralph Lauren – Black Tuxedo on sale this week at SuitUpp, we are going to give you a couple of tips about Tuxedos and how to wear them…

Here’s the deal, fashion has been changing a lot in the modern day and so some things will be stated differently here than what your grandfather would tell you. Although, there are a few things that grandpa would probably tell you that still apply:

1) When the event invitation says Formal or Black Tie Optional, this means, wear a tux. If you don’t wear a tux, people will notice and it won’t leave a good impression.

2) Black or Midnight Blue. Please choose one or the other. Sure, you could go with another color, but you better have the rapport that it will take to pull it off 🙂

As for more modern tips…

1) You could technically wear the jacket with a pair of jeans. This will definitely turn heads. Be prepared for it!

2) Your cummerbunds should match the fabric on your jacket (pleats face up).

3) French cuffs are the way to go!

4) A black tie event is one occasion where suspenders are a good idea, so take advantage of them.

5) Black tie doesn’t necessarily mean put on a black-colored tie. You could do that. You could also have a nice little bow-tie (no snap-ons!). Alternatively, you could put on a tie that’ll draw attention like the model in the picture above.

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Can I cuff my Jeans?

John Reid from North Carolina recently bought one of our Tallia Blazers. This blazer happens to look amazing with Jeans and so the question that arose for him was if it would make sense to cuff his Jeans while wearing this blazer (since his jeans were a bit too long).

John, the answer is, yes, you can do it. While most people don’t cuff their jeans, some do. It all depends on the look that you are trying to achieve. As long as you feel confident with the look and feel of the clothes, it is absolutely ok. Especially with the Tallia Blazer, we’re sure that you’ll be more than fine.

cuffed jeans

There are a few words of caution though. Don’t overdo the cuffing. If the jeans are really too long, then simple get them hemmed. Alternatively, you could try cuffing them in the reverse direction (i.e. towards the inside).

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