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Should You Wear a Vest without A Suit Jacket?

The Suit Vest… You’ve seen it before on SuitUpp. Traditionally, you’d expect to see this glorious article of clothing worn with a suit jacket – thereby making the outfit live in accordance with its association to the 3 piece suit. However, as Hollywood has begun to show us, wearing the vest without the jacket not only is a possibility but embodies a unique style portraying youth, ambition, and an unwavering progression towards success. Take for example Johnny Depp in Sweeney Todd:

or how about Brad Pitt in “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford”:

Still not convinced? How about George Clooney in the “Leatherheads”:

The vest has a number of practical benefits besides being stylish. Putting your cell phone in your vest will allow you to feel the vibrations (when it’s set on silent of course) whereas leaving it in your suit jacket might not accomplish the same thing. The vest can also be beneficial to the gym-going crowd as it portrays one’s body a lot more explicitly than an all-engulfing suit jacket (ok, ok, we tried to make the jacket sound a little evil in that last sentence… but, hopefully you get the point).

Back in the day, the vest served the pocket-watch wearing crowd quite well. Ever since the wrist-watch, the vest along with the 3-piece suit have been associated with more formality.  The vest will allow you to express a youthful and casual formality that can’t quite be exhibited with other attire. So the next time you buy a 3 piece suit, you’ll be buying more than just one outfit but a plethora of styles for a multitude of occasions.


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Frames 101 – What kind of frames should I wear ?

In today’s business world it’s important that every individual look and feel their absolute best. Whether we would like to admit it or not, looks play a large role in our daily lives. A suit is meant to compliment character in the best way possible, think of it as an extension of one’s personality.  A well made and fitted suit (Much like the Hugo Boss – Black Label suit we had last week) can help project the right level of confidence needed to finalize any business deal.

Yet ironically, people pay little, if any attention to detail when it comes to their selection in  eyewear. Much like a suit, eyewear requires the right type of look and feel to compliment one’s character.  The proper eye protection can successfully help project the right level  confidence that every businessperson wishes to have. It’s important that eyewear compliment face structure, as well as skin tone in order to give off the right affect.

oval_faceOval Face: If you fall under this category, good riddance! People with Oval face structures have the easiest time in selecting the right type eyewear to compliment their face structure because any kind of frame works. We here at recommend that you experiment with different looks to see what best compliments the style you are trying to project the most.

Eyewear type: Any Frame works

round_faceRound Face: People with a rounded face should concentrate on finding frames that will make their face structure appear longer and thinner. This is best acheive by finding frames that are equal to or slightly wider than the broadest part of the face; this in turn will minimize the curves of the face and add definition to the face structure. Sunglasses with brow bars are also recommended, brow bars help make the eyes appear higher, making the face appear longer than it really is.

Eyewear type: Frames that are equal to or wider than the broadest part of the face. Frames with angular / rectangular finishes will help give a slick, confident finish.

diamond_faceDiamond Face: People with a Diamond face structure are recognizable by wide or high cheekbone with a narrowing forehead and chin. The best frames to use with this kind of face structure are oval frames, although softly curved square frames will also help give the same desired affect. If you fall under this category, make your that the frames you select are no wider than the top of the cheekbone in order to help preserve the slick look of the face structure.

Eyewear type: Oval, Square (With rounded frames), as well as rimless frames will all compliment Diamond faces rather nicely.

rectangular_faceRectangular Face: Individuals with a Rectangular face structure are best suited with frames that either widen or shorten the face structure but that do not extend beyond the widest portions of the face. Much like Ovals, we here at recommend you experiment with different looks in order to find the right style you are looking for.

Eyewear type: Round or Square frames that do not extend past the widest portion of the face will compliment Rectangular faces well.

triangular_faceTriangular Face: Individuals with Triangular face structures are recognizable by a narrow jaw in conjunction with a widening forehead. Frames that help soften the lower portion of the face by accenting the eye area will best suit this face structure. Metal frames with rimless bottoms are also a viable option that you may want look into.

Eyewear type: Frames with a Straight Top Line as well as Cat Eyes frames will compliment triangular face structures well.

Please Note: When selecting the color of a frame, make sure the color compliments your skin tone. Individuals with a darker complexion should stick with darker colored frames. Those with lighter skins tones have some flexibility in select frames with lighter colors (Although we do not recommend bright colors in conjunction with a suit)

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Dressing like a President. Suits worn by Presidents Obama and Bush.

Let’s be realistic, how you dress does matter. When it comes to first impressions or even ongoing impressions, it is important to make it a point to leave a positive image amongst our colleagues and co-workers. Naturally, gentlement, your suit matters. US presidents seem to understand this quite well. As leaders of the most powerful country in the world, it is almost mandatory to dress in style to impress an image in the public’s eyes. In this post, we will talk about presidential attire and where it is procured (unfortunately, not from at SuitUpp, but we’ll talk about it anyway).

Last week, we wrote about some of the most expensive suits on the market. It seems that former President George W. Bush was not at all unfamiliar to the subject. Mr. Bush had a particular affinity for fine made suits from Oxxford. If you are not familiar with Oxxford (no, not located in Britain), it is one of the world’s premiere men’s clothing outlets specializing in tailored suits. So, how much do one of these suits cost? Apparently, the company’s mission is to use only the finest quality fabric in order to make suits that are affordable in the $2,000 to $14,000 dollar range. Oxxford is located in Chicago and has a staff of about 350 employees. It makes you wonder, how many of these suits do they actually sell? Figures suggest that they sell approximately 25,000 suits a year and make over $30 Million dollars in revenue. Impressive. It seems that President Bush is not the only person in the world who believes in investing in his clothing.

President Obama has his own unique style. If you pay close attention to his attire you will notice that what he wears on a day to day basis does not change much. Not to say that the president does not change his suit on a daily basis, but rather that he owns many similar looking suits. Hart Schaffner Marx is responsible for designing a number of Obama’s suits. Obama’s suits reportedly are in the $1,500 range. Not as expensive as Mr. Bush, but still up there. The most commendable aspect of Mr. Obama’s attire is his devotion to consistency. From his signature blue ties to his uniform-like suit choices, he tends to stick to his own well-defined style and makes a pretty clear fashion statement by doing so.

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The World’s Most Expensive Men’s Suits

While this past week’s Sean John Dark Taupe Stripe Suit was truly stunning, SuitUpp was selling it for only $295. Even though the value of the suit was above $600, it didn’t even begin to challenge some of the truly expensive suits out there. So the question is, how expensive can a suit really get and how are those prices justified? In this post, we’ll guide you through a world of extravegance and high fashion.

If you’ve ever shopped in and around Madison Avenue in New York, you may have stopped over at Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabbana. Going straight to the most expensive product that they have, prices typically hover in the $2,000-$2,500 range. To get a made-to-measure suit, they may charge you up to an additional $1,000. Why not though? If you’re going for the best, it does have to fit perfectly. Is that all though? $3,500? You guessed it, the answer is a big No.

What you have to consider is that what you’ll likely purchase at your traditional NYC store is a made to measure suit and not a bespoke suit. Bespoke is a term not used so much in North America. It essentially means an item custom-made to the buyer’s specification. Made-to-measure typically means that the pattern is already there and the suit is simply being fitted to the buyer, whereas, a bespoke suit doesn’t come with a prior pattern. The term bespoke is analogous to the more familiar haute couture term in women’s fashion. The famous New York Designer Craig Robinson defines the difference between the two as “tradition and personality versus conformity and convention.” The Savile Row Bespoke Association in London is responsible for defining the standards for bespoke clothing and protecting its name for the large part. Savile Row is a street in London famous for its bespoke tailoring.

In the bespoke category, you’ll have to visit the likes of  William Fioravanti, Milan’s Caraceni, Kiton, Oxxford, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Savile Row’s H. Huntsman and Anderson & Sheppard. So, how expensive can these suits get? The most expensive one we were able to find was a Kiton suit that ranged from $6,000 all the way up to $30,000. At the high end, you’d get the pleasure of having Kiton’s master Taylor fly over to take your measurements. Wow.

So what makes a suit so expensive in the first place? Service, brandname, workmanship, and most importantly Fabric. If your suit is made of Super 220 Merino Wool, it might cost the taylor $5,000 dollars to purchase the fabric. So there you have it, fabric matters.

If you are looking for more information on some of the world’s most expensive suits, check out the following sites:

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Can I Wear a Suit to a Club?

If you are heading out to a club, you want to look sharp and stylish. More and more, you see men wearing suits to night clubs and pubs. What is appropriate attire for a night out and what should be avoided? In this post, we’ll make some recommendations on what you should wear.

When you are heading out to go clubbing with the guys or are taking your mate somewhere special, keep in mind that you want to look sharp but you don’t want to look like you just left the office either. If you are heading out to a bar with the guys after work, it is perfectly legitimate to leave the suit on and maybe loosen up that tie while you have a drink or two. When you are heading out pub hopping, you generally want to leave the tie back at home. A tie will make you look stiff and you want to appear calm, cool, and relaxed. Since the tie doesn’t help, leave it out.

Let’s start with your pants. You generally want to wear a pair of jeans when going clubbing. Now, there will be some more formal locations where suit pants will be the only appropriate thing to wear; but, to make a generalization, choose a really nice pair of jeans. If you want a recommendation, check out the following Taverniti Jeans:

Taverniti Men’s Meg 19 Premium Denim Jeans – Antique Blue

Taverniti Men's Meg 19 Premium Denim Jeans - Antique Blue
What you can wear for a shirt is more flexible. A personal favorite for us at, is a collared white shirt. It looks very sharp and if you leave the top first 2 buttons open, it’ll give you a nice relaxed look. You want to look relaxed, because looking relaxed will, believe it or not, make you feel more relaxed throughout the night. You want to be approachable and so your attire will be very important for this. Here is an example of a Hugo Boss Gilbert/Tower Suit worn with such a shirt:

You can also experiment with a number of other types of shirts. You can wear a V-Collar shirt or a simple solid colored tshirt. Wearing layers will be very important to you throughout your clubbing adventure. If you get too hot, you can always leave the extra layers at the coat check. Wearing a suit jacket or perhaps a blazer that goes really well with your Jeans is the best way to go if you are looking for layers to add on. It should be stressed that if you are not wearing a jacket over your shirt, a collared shirt is preferable over a v-collar or other collarless shirts.

For more ideas one what type of clothing is appropriate for your night out, check out the following video from

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