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Should I wear a pocket watch?

This question comes from Tim McDonald from North Dakota: Should I wear a pocket watch?

In order to understand the fashion statements that a pocket watch can make, one must understand the origins. Back in the day, pocket watches were a statement of wealth and class. They were very accurate time-keepers and were great for any occupation that required accurate time-keeping and scheduling: think of guys on wall-street in the early 1900s.

Nowadays, you don’t see many touting a pocket watch, but when you do, it does draw attention and makes a fashion statment like no other. It is usually preferable to wear a pocket watch when you are also wearing a vest. SuitUpp.com displayed a great Sean John 3-piece suit that is perfect for the pocket watch. 

It is usually customery to wear the pocket watch on the left as most people are right handed. Make sure that the pants that you wear this watch with are not too tight so that you can access the watch with a simple yank and without having to pull. Silver and Gold are the best fit for this type of a watch but nickel can also work.

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